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How to invest in Property with NO MONEY!

This week’s video sees Russell Leeds teach YOU how you to buy a property, and within a YEAR, pull all of your money out of it – meaning you will have had it for FREE!

In the video, Russell talks through the strategy on how to achieve this with an ‘cake’ style example, all before he heads down to Market Drayton to visit his recently bought, 3-story property, which has plans to be split into 3 apartments!

The joint venture 3-apartment conversion (2 two-bedroom apartments and 1 one-bedroom apartment) will achieve Russell a profit of twice the amount he bought it for, and if he then goes on to re-mortgage it, he can pull all the money out that he originally put in - which essentially means he has it for FREE!

Believe it for yourself and check out the figures below!

· Property purchase price: £120,000 (bridging finance)

· 25% deposit: £30,000

· Total cost of renovation: £40,000 (house was quite a state!)

· Estimated value of each apartment: £80,000

· Total estimate value of property: £240,000 (then re-mortgage!)

So, you can see it for yourself!

The overall plan is to rent the apartments out floor by floor and with only 2-4 weeks to go until completion, you can keep up to date on the success of the property by subscribing to Maximise Success YouTube channel >

To watch the FULL VIDEO on how to buy a house with no money, and to see renovation work taking place at Russell's property in Market Drayton – see the clip below!

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