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Financial Freedom CHALLENGE | Russell Leeds interviews Samuel Leeds #FFChallenge

The financial freedom challenge is COMING SOON!

In this video Russell Leeds find out about how the financial freedom challenge is going to work. He interviews Samuel Leeds who will be starting all over again with NOTHING to prove that with the correct knowledge and mindset, ANYBODY can become financially free through property investing.

Russell questions Samuel on why would he put himself through having to become financially free all over again when he achieved financial freedom 10 years ago at 20 years of age.

Samuel explains how people always say to him ' It was easier back then' even though in Samuel's opinion it is much easier to invest in property now than 10 years ago. Also it took Samuel four years last time to become financially free and this time he is going to prove how quickly financial freedom can be achieved. Samuel is pretty sure he will be able to achieve his goal within weeks of the Financial Freedom challenge starting.

Russell goes on to ask Samuel how the challenge is going to be documented.

Samuel will be doing a lot of filming on his phone which will give him the ability to consistently be updating everyone on his progress. He will also have a free lance videographer  who will be a fly on the wall who will put together an official documentary from a third person fly on the wall perspective.

The challenge will officially start on the 15th November 2018..........

Financial Freedom Challenge rules:

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