Financial Freedom CHALLENGE | Russell Leeds interviews Samuel Leeds #FFChallenge

The financial freedom challenge is COMING SOON! In this video Russell Leeds find out about how the financial freedom challenge is going to work. He interviews Samuel Leeds who will be starting all over again with NOTHING to prove that with the correct knowledge and mindset, ANYBODY can become financially free through property investing. Russell questions Samuel on why would he put himself through having to become financially free all over again when he achieved financial free

Property Investors Podcast: Episode #2

In this weeks episode, Russell Leeds, CEO of Property Investors with Samuel Leeds Training Company and Alasdair Cunningham, director of Better Sourced Ltd discuss how thy would invest £30,000 including education, HMO's and serviced accommodation. They also take a look at how buy to let lenders are refusing to give loans to landlords whose tenants are on benefits and learn how a sneaky landlord is legally getting around the HMO licencing laws even though his HMO's are five bed

We Bought A Castle...

A slightly different video today, our CEO, Russell Leeds recently purchased a VERY exciting property so we thought we'd share that story with our wonderful subscribers! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. #propertyinvesting #castle #investment #financialfreedom

How to Build Your Business with Social Proof

There are many ways to build your business to a successful level. One of them is by leveraging SOCIAL PROOF. In this video, we explain how you can maximise your potential by implementing this simple yet effective tool. For more information please follow me on #propertyinvesting #financialfreedom #socialproof