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1000 Kings Conference is Back!

After the success of the 1000 King's 2018 conference in London they have decided to host an event at the Hilton Metropole in Birmingham on Friday 11th & Saturday 12th January 2019!

This dynamic conference will equip and inspire you in your faith and kingdom purpose.

The line-up for this Christian business conference includes :-

|Samuel Leeds who is an international speaker, two-times best selling author and a leading property investor. 

 Samuel had a spiritual experience in 2007 which resulted in him leaving his job to pursue ministry and become a property investor. The church challenged his motives and desire to succeed which led him to go to Bible college for three years and study Biblical Economics. Samuel came to the conclusion that God had given him an entrepreneurial brain, and he had to use it! 

 Within a few short years Samuel was able to retire through his property business, but instead of retiring he established Training Kings, a support network for Christian entrepreneurs. This rapidly became a nationwide organisation with branches all over the UK.

|Francesca McDowall is the Managing Director of Training Kings, the UK’s largest Christian Business Network. As a speaker and Coach Francesca has a passion to see individuals achieve their purpose, and overcome life’s challenges through re-framing the way we look at things. Francesca's career has span both the public and private sector, where she has undertaken roles as a consultant and in management, she is also an active member of her local church in the Midlands and credits her faith in God to living a purpose filled life.

| Russell Leeds is the CEO of the Leeds Group he is a highly successful entrepreneur, trainer and property investor. He is an expert at business growth and systemization.

Russell regularly speaks in front of hundreds of people and has appeared on BBC news as well as being featured in several newspapers.

After leaving his £15,000 per year job aged 23, he now co-runs Leeds Group Holdings, who with a small team of only 15 staff, turnover over £5M a year. Russell has a big heart for helping children in need all over the world. Russell personally supports eight children through Compassion UK and also overseeing The Leeds Charity.

| Charlie Hutton is an expert is online business marketing and has published multiple best selling books. He believes that to be an authority and have influence you MUST write and publish a book. Charlie will be revealing the secret blueprint that shows how anybody can be an Amazon Best Selling Author in 60 days or less. 

This event is set to be the most inspirational Christian Business Conference of 2019.

There are very limited FREE Tickets at this Life-Changing 2 Day Programme.

To claim your tickets now

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