Russell is a highly successful entrepreneur, trainer and property investor. He is an expert at business growth and systemization.


Russell regularly speaks in front of hundreds of people and has appeared on BBC news as well as being featured in several newspapers.


After leaving his £15,000 per year job aged 23, he now co-runs Leeds Group Holdings, who with a small team of only 15 staff, turnover over £5M a year.


At age 19 he married his childhood sweetheart, Anna they have now been married over 10 years and have two beautiful daughters, Sienna and Emily.


Russell recently made the national press when he purchased the historic 16th Century mansion, Ribbesford House adding it to his ever growing property portfolio. Along with his brother Samuel he runs a successful training company called ‘Property Investors with Samuel Leeds.’ Their mission is to help as many people as possible become financially free and they have already helped tens of thousands of aspiring property investors.


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Whats Included in Samuel 365?



Millionaire Mission - The Leeds brothers helped 36 become financially free last year!

New owners of Ribbersford House- Russell and Samuel Leeds.

Russell and Samuel meet war hero to plan ceremony for the Free French

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